Free Money For Participating!?

FusionCash offers two (2) contests on their forum every week!

These contests can win you between a penny or two to 25 bucks, just for playing along!

The promotions each month are Sports Related and Non-Sports Related. Sports Related contests occur either on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Non-Sports Related contests occur over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

The Sports related posts generally are picking the winner or score of a series of basketball, baseball, UFC Fights, football games, etc. This can be easy money for you just to play along with others and try and pick the winners of a game. How much easier could it get? You just pick a winner of a professional sports game and if they win, you win! Here is a small sample of the previous contests that have been held:

The Non-Sports Related games can be anything that does not relate to sport: Picking a random number and winning money, making a picture in MS paint, sharing your favorite recipes, etc. This is almost as easy as posting on the forum and earning money each month, except this is twice a week! Here is a list of previous Non Sports Related contests:

Other sites may have promotions but you usually have to complete a certain amount of offers or something that helps the newer people out who have completed less offers than you. This is not the case with FusionCash as it allows you to participate just as long as you are a member! Who would not want to earn money for basically filling out a small form with sports team guesses or telling others what your weekend was about?!

General GPT Rules and Guidelines

Here are some rules to follow if you decide to try out making money on the internet:

– Most sites allow only US citizens to join and complete offers. This is mainly due to the rules setforth by the advertiser. FusionCash now allows  CANADIAN citizens to join and earn money as well!

– Most sites allow only one user per internet connection to use the site. If you are on Fusioncash that means you are the only user allowed in your household, or uses your internet connection.

– You can only sign up for offers you have a legitimate interest in.

– You may only sign up for an offer once, whether it be on your current site or another.

– Do not try and cheat the system and refer yourself – this is dumb and will cause your account to be closed.

– Do not expect to become the next millionaire, but do expect a little extra earning cash!

GPT Sites – What They Are

GPT Sites are websites that pay you to do something. This can be filling out a survey, reading an email, or even playing a game!

Many of you may be familiar with the concept of a GPT (Get Paid To). The concept is simple: companies like new members and it is harder (more expensive) to get new members than it is to keep old ones. So what do companies do? They get sites like to push new, interested users to their site and then reward FusionCash with payment for the sign ups. FusionCash then turns around and gives most of the money back to the end user for signing up for the service. If you were going to get DirecTV at your home, would you rather buy it and get nothing in return? Or buy it and get 100 bucks in return? The choice is obvious: the second one. This is what FusionCash does. You earn money by doing surveys or offers and then you can cash out that money via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or a check mailed directly to your home.

But how do I know the site is legitimate?

A quick overview of the site should reveal some key notes. Do you have to pay to sign up? If you do, RUN! Run and never look back (or click back for that matter)! Honest GPT sites will most likely pay YOU some money for signing up. For example, FusionCash gives you 5 dollars just for signing up! So before you get paid to sign up with other companies and products, you get paid to sign up for FusionCash! Another way is to look for proof of payment. You can look at’s wide array of checks, deposits, and PayPal payments HERE! How can you argue when you have that much proof that the site is for real and there are average people out there who are earning money in the comfort of their own home? You can’t!

The best GPT sites out there do not pay you just to fill out a survey or a form. They pay you to do almost anything. Again, lets go back to FusionCash. You can fill out surveys (some everyday!) and forms, but that is standard practice. This is what I like about them. You can get paid by reading their Daily Cash Email,  posting on their forum, putting a picture of your payment up, watching videos, fulfilling specific tasks AND you get paid to play games. All of these things you probably have done at one point in your life, so why not start earning money from it? Getting paid to post on the forum is easy money to make and no other GPT site out there offers it. You get paid to talk to other members about anything and everything you could want (or not want) to talk about. Think about it! Getting paid to chat with other members? Can it get ANY easier? I don’t think so.

Start earning today!

Update: Earn More Money Than Ever!

FusionCash has now MORE than EVER to offer! Make more money than ever before….each and every day!

The Numbers:
Daily Surveys (8!): $5.25
FC Surveys (NEW!): $1 to $3 – Looking right now I have 5 surveys offered to me at 1 dollar each!
Paid to Click: $.15
FusionCash Toolbar: Up to $.05 a day
Videos: $.01 to 25 cents – Looking right now I have 5 videos offered to me at $.03 each!
$6.50 a day x 7 days a week = $45.5 a week x 4 weeks in a month =
$182 a month in potential earnings!

On top of this they also have twice a week contest/promotions that allow you to earn an addition 10 – 12 cents per week! These promotions are often easy to participate and either have you picking winners of sports games or just posting what you did over the weekend.

And again, you could earn way more than this by doing offers and referring your family and friends to do the same. So this is the BARE MINIMUM! You already saw the Payment Proof from people just like YOU who are doing it. What else do you need? You need to get started! Because if you do not, you might as well just throw $6.50 each day out the window while you sip your coffee!

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Completing Small Tasks for Cash

FusionCash recently has partnered with CrowdFlower and they are now offering small tasks you can do from the comfort of your own home and earn real cash from! You can earn cash doing things that are hard for an automated computer to do – like searching for a website or checking images for inappropriate content. Below, we have real world examples of the tasks you can earn cash from on FusionCash. Click the image and sign up today!


FusionCash turns seven years old!

FusionCash has turned seven years old! According to the United States Small Business Administration that is longer than the majority than small businesses last! Since FusionCash is now seven years old their rating has bounced back from an A to an A+. The A+ rating was lost due to FusionCash not being 7 years old when the Better Business Bureau (BBB) made a change to the algorithm used to grade sites.

How many other Get Paid To (GPT) sites have not only an A+ rating with the BBB, but also have been around for 7 or more years?

Have a Get Paid To (GPT) site we have not yet reviewed? Send it on in!