How to Avoid Money Scams

People are always asking me “How can I be sure that xxxx is not a scam?” We have all been there before – looking at a website thinking that this is too good to be true and it usually is. So here are some tips I have learned over the years that can help you in finding out if a site is legitimate or if it is just another internet scam.

Tips for Avoiding Online Money Scams

  1. Never pay to join or for information. This covers about 90% of all internet scams out there. They want you to pay to join their secret club or pay for some access to some information. This is a scam tactic. They take your funds and under deliver on the promises they made. If you have to pay, stay away!!
  2. See how long they have been around. Most websites are here today, gone tomorrow. Find out how long they have been in business as most business do not last long and those who do are often legitimate. Look at FusionCash – they have been in business OVER 10 YEARS!
  3. See if they are registered with the BBB. Generally if a website is registered with the BBB they are legitimate, but you can always check their BBB grade to be sure. Anything less than an A and you might want to stay away. FusionCash is currently rated an A+ and it does not get better than that!
  4. Ask around but be cautious. This is common for most businesses – especially restaurants. Usually all you can find online are negative reviews. People are not going to go out of their way to review something unless they either had a spectacular memory or a very bad one. Generally those who yell the loudest are the people who did not enjoy the business. And sometimes this isn’t even the businesses fault. This is why you have to be cautious when reading reviews online.

I hope these tips and tricks help you avoid online money scams. If you want to earn Real Cash from a legitimate website then head over to FusionCash. They are proven trustworthy and have been around for over 1o years. Plus, if you sign up today you get a 5$ bonus just for signing up!

Can You Really Get Paid for Online Surveys?

Yes! You can really get paid Real Cash from completing online surveys. Problem is most people go into them with false expectations of what they are getting into which can lead to frustration and quitting them before giving them a fair shot. Anyone or any site that tells you that completing online surveys will make you next Donald Trump is lying. It is not fair for certain users or websites to make false accusations that are just trying to push their own agenda.

Do you REALLY Get Paid Real Cash for Online Surveys?

Of course you do. Do all online surveys pay you in real cash? No. Some of them will offer you points that are worth nothing more than a tenth (.01) of a penny! There are other sites out there that will enter you into a contest or drawing once you complete a certain amount of surveys, but who has ever actually been chosen to win the prize from these websites?!

Finding the HIGHEST Paying Real Cash Sites

Many survey companies are done through other websites that will pay you to complete their surveys. Typically they offer anywhere between .50 and $5 for completing one survey. These surveys companies often will use focus groups after the survey for you to continue and pay even more than the regular surveys do. These survey companies also employ people to conduct mystery shopping expeditions, where you shop at a specific place doing a series of specific tasks and then recording your experience online.

How to Get Paid for Real Cash Surveys

One of the biggest reasons many people are skeptical of completing online surveys for real cash is that there are many websites out there that do not pay or force you to pay a fee so you can get a percentage of what you earned. Things to look for when you are looking for a website to earn Real Cash completing online surveys are:

  1. Choose a company that has been in business for several years.
  2. Look for a company that is registered with the BBB.
  3. Choose a website, like FusionCash, that works with the survey companies directly.
  4. If you want to get paid in Real Cash, then make sure your website offers Real Cash as a payment option.
  5. Complete the surveys honestly and be persistent and determined about your goals.

5 Methods to Make Real Cash Easily

Paid to Watch Videos

Many consumers spend most of their online time watching videos. According to a 2015 study Adults in the US will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching videos each day. So why not get paid for even a fraction of that time spent on videos?

SwagBucks offers many videos to watch, but the videos must be watched in groups of 5 or 10 to earn credit. This causes you to watch a lot of videos that you could be earning real cash per every video instead of in a large group. Currently, SwagBucks pays you anywhere from 1-3 SwagBucks for a group of videos.

FusionCash offers many videos that are often less than 2 minutes long. This allows you to watch more videos in a shorter amount of time than you would with other sites. Most videos pay anywhere to 1 to 3 cents which is a slight increase over other sites.


Paid to Cut Coupons

There are many consumers who swear by coupons. Often times when you go to a grocery store you will always see one person who has coupons saving money on the purchases they make regularly. Why not get paid to save money?

FusionCash is the only site we could locate that offers real cash for using coupons at the store. FusionCash will pay you .02 cents per coupon redeemed. This may seem like a small bit of real cash, but you are already saving money using the coupon AND getting paid back on top of that!

Paid to Search

Swagbucks is one of the best paid to search sites out there. Search like you normally would through Google or Yahoo!, but search through the SwagBucks toolbar to earn SwagBucks! This can take some time to accumulate enough real cash, but if you search every day it does add up!

Paid to Read Emails

InboxDollars has Inbox in their name, so you know they are all about emails. They will send a multidude of emails to your inbox for you to open and earn real cash from. They will pay you a few cents per email you open and once you reach 30 bucks you can get paid via Check!

FusionCash also offers a Daily Cash Email, but it is only one email a day. They have many other ways to make money so if you are looking for JUST paid emails, you may wish to look at InboxDollars.

Paid to Install Mobile Apps

Consumers are always installing and deleting apps from their smart phones. Why not earn real cash for downloading, installing, and enjoying applications on your smart phone?

FusionCash has a mobile application page on their site that rewards you with real cash for downloading, installing, and enjoying various mobile applications. They offer the most real cash per application than other sites. This is one of many reasons why FusionCash is continually touted as the number one real cash site.