Free Money For Participating!?

FusionCash offers two (2) contests on their forum every week!

These contests can win you between a penny or two to 25 bucks, just for playing along!

The promotions each month are Sports Related and Non-Sports Related. Sports Related contests occur either on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Non-Sports Related contests occur over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

The Sports related posts generally are picking the winner or score of a series of basketball, baseball, UFC Fights, football games, etc. This can be easy money for you just to play along with others and try and pick the winners of a game. How much easier could it get? You just pick a winner of a professional sports game and if they win, you win! Here is a small sample of the previous contests that have been held:

The Non-Sports Related games can be anything that does not relate to sport: Picking a random number and winning money, making a picture in MS paint, sharing your favorite recipes, etc. This is almost as easy as posting on the forum and earning money each month, except this is twice a week! Here is a list of previous Non Sports Related contests:

Other sites may have promotions but you usually have to complete a certain amount of offers or something that helps the newer people out who have completed less offers than you. This is not the case with FusionCash as it allows you to participate just as long as you are a member! Who would not want to earn money for basically filling out a small form with sports team guesses or telling others what your weekend was about?!

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