GPT Sites – What They Are

GPT Sites are websites that pay you to do something. This can be filling out a survey, reading an email, or even playing a game!

Many of you may be familiar with the concept of a GPT (Get Paid To). The concept is simple: companies like new members and it is harder (more expensive) to get new members than it is to keep old ones. So what do companies do? They get sites like to push new, interested users to their site and then reward FusionCash with payment for the sign ups. FusionCash then turns around and gives most of the money back to the end user for signing up for the service. If you were going to get DirecTV at your home, would you rather buy it and get nothing in return? Or buy it and get 100 bucks in return? The choice is obvious: the second one. This is what FusionCash does. You earn money by doing surveys or offers and then you can cash out that money via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or a check mailed directly to your home.

But how do I know the site is legitimate?

A quick overview of the site should reveal some key notes. Do you have to pay to sign up? If you do, RUN! Run and never look back (or click back for that matter)! Honest GPT sites will most likely pay YOU some money for signing up. For example, FusionCash gives you 5 dollars just for signing up! So before you get paid to sign up with other companies and products, you get paid to sign up for FusionCash! Another way is to look for proof of payment. You can look at’s wide array of checks, deposits, and PayPal payments HERE! How can you argue when you have that much proof that the site is for real and there are average people out there who are earning money in the comfort of their own home? You can’t!

The best GPT sites out there do not pay you just to fill out a survey or a form. They pay you to do almost anything. Again, lets go back to FusionCash. You can fill out surveys (some everyday!) and forms, but that is standard practice. This is what I like about them. You can get paid by reading their Daily Cash Email,  posting on their forum, putting a picture of your payment up, watching videos, fulfilling specific tasks AND you get paid to play games. All of these things you probably have done at one point in your life, so why not start earning money from it? Getting paid to post on the forum is easy money to make and no other GPT site out there offers it. You get paid to talk to other members about anything and everything you could want (or not want) to talk about. Think about it! Getting paid to chat with other members? Can it get ANY easier? I don’t think so.

Start earning today!

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