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The Numbers:
Daily Surveys (8!): $5.25
FC Surveys (NEW!): $1 to $3 – Looking right now I have 5 surveys offered to me at 1 dollar each!
Paid to Click: $.15
FusionCash Toolbar: Up to $.05 a day
Videos: $.01 to 25 cents – Looking right now I have 5 videos offered to me at $.03 each!
$6.50 a day x 7 days a week = $45.5 a week x 4 weeks in a month =
$182 a month in potential earnings!

On top of this they also have twice a week contest/promotions that allow you to earn an addition 10 – 12 cents per week! These promotions are often easy to participate and either have you picking winners of sports games or just posting what you did over the weekend.

And again, you could earn way more than this by doing offers and referring your family and friends to do the same. So this is the BARE MINIMUM! You already saw the Payment Proof from people just like YOU who are doing it. What else do you need? You need to get started! Because if you do not, you might as well just throw $6.50 each day out the window while you sip your coffee!

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