Is FusionCash a Scam?

Falling in line with our previous post on how to avoid money scams, we are now going to take a look at FusionCash. If you Google “FusionCash Scam” there are a lot of people out there who claim that FusionCash is a scam and that they will “steal” money from you. Generally, people are more likely to go out and write their opinion of something if things did not go their way. You will never read a Yelp! review of a restaurant that says “It was good, a nice normal restaurant with normal service.” People do not write about average service. It either has to go above and beyond or be anything under average for someone to take time out of their day and write their opinion.

Let us go through the tips we learned previously and see how FusionCash stacks up!

Never pay to join or for information. – FusionCash give you a $5 sign up bonus just for checking them out! You pay nothing to join! Other sites also require you to pay for your payment when you cashout with associated “cashout fees” FusionCash does not have these either! It is 100% free to join, earn, and redeem!

See how long they have been around. – FusionCash has been in business well over 10 years! That is longer than most websites ever dream of lasting. They have been a part of the online community for quite some time and have no intentions of leaving any time soon.

See if they are registered with the BBB. – FusionCash has an A+ rating with the BBB out of San Jose. This is the highest rating a business can achieve at any given time. They are committed to doing everything they can for their customers – big and small.

Ask around but be cautious. – This goes back to what I was saying at the start: people are going to make claims when things do not go their way. Most of the people who are complaining broke a rule, and then are upset that they did not get their funds. Some users who are claiming that FusionCash is a scam actually tried to SCAM FUSIONCASH and were caught! If you follow the rules of the site, you will have no issues getting your funds to you.

Is FusionCash a scam? NO! They have never missed a payment for any member and will continue to grow and prosper as a leader in the online community. They offer the highest rates on everything they offer: videos, radio, emails, chatting with other members, promotions, surveys, and offers. You can look around but you will not find a better site to join! Plus with the $5 sign up bonus you have nothing to lose!

Sign up and give them a try today!


Free Money For Participating!?

FusionCash offers two (2) contests on their forum every week!

These contests can win you between a penny or two to 25 bucks, just for playing along!

The promotions each month are Sports Related and Non-Sports Related. Sports Related contests occur either on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Non-Sports Related contests occur over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

The Sports related posts generally are picking the winner or score of a series of basketball, baseball, UFC Fights, football games, etc. This can be easy money for you just to play along with others and try and pick the winners of a game. How much easier could it get? You just pick a winner of a professional sports game and if they win, you win! Here is a small sample of the previous contests that have been held:

The Non-Sports Related games can be anything that does not relate to sport: Picking a random number and winning money, making a picture in MS paint, sharing your favorite recipes, etc. This is almost as easy as posting on the forum and earning money each month, except this is twice a week! Here is a list of previous Non Sports Related contests:

Other sites may have promotions but you usually have to complete a certain amount of offers or something that helps the newer people out who have completed less offers than you. This is not the case with FusionCash as it allows you to participate just as long as you are a member! Who would not want to earn money for basically filling out a small form with sports team guesses or telling others what your weekend was about?!

FusionCash turns seven years old!

FusionCash has turned seven years old! According to the United States Small Business Administration that is longer than the majority than small businesses last! Since FusionCash is now seven years old their rating has bounced back from an A to an A+. The A+ rating was lost due to FusionCash not being 7 years old when the Better Business Bureau (BBB) made a change to the algorithm used to grade sites.

How many other Get Paid To (GPT) sites have not only an A+ rating with the BBB, but also have been around for 7 or more years?

Have a Get Paid To (GPT) site we have not yet reviewed? Send it on in!