How to Make Money Doing Surveys

What if I want to give companies my opinion on their service or product? A great way to do this is through feedback surveys that the companies send out for customers to respond to. The best part of these feedback surveys is that you can earn Real Cash from the companies because they WANT to know what you think.

Sometimes friends and family ask for your opinion on a certain product or service. You are spreading the word for that company, so why shouldn’t you get paid some real cash for it? Companies need your opinion so they can change their processes and procedures based on their customer needs. By tapping into their customers they can better tailor their products to other people by capitalizing on what their current customers like the most.

They also need to know their customers habits like what they watch on TV or what they like to shop for on the weekends. These small things can alter how, when, and where a company advertises. This can lead to the company earning and saving a ton of money – so they often pay customers for their honest opinion.  The easiest way for them to reach a mass of customers is to offer a few dollars as an incentive for you to give a small amount of time and a honest answer.

Currently, on FusionCash there are over 25 surveys ranging from .80 cents to $3 dollars! That is almost a guaranteed 20 dollar for giving your opinion in ONE DAY! Think about if you spent the time to do surveys every single day for a month? You could easily earn a couple hundred dollars for you to spend! Why not try it out yourself? You get a $5 sign up bonus just for checking it out! What have you go to lose?

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Can You Really Get Paid for Online Surveys?

Yes! You can really get paid Real Cash from completing online surveys. Problem is most people go into them with false expectations of what they are getting into which can lead to frustration and quitting them before giving them a fair shot. Anyone or any site that tells you that completing online surveys will make you next Donald Trump is lying. It is not fair for certain users or websites to make false accusations that are just trying to push their own agenda.

Do you REALLY Get Paid Real Cash for Online Surveys?

Of course you do. Do all online surveys pay you in real cash? No. Some of them will offer you points that are worth nothing more than a tenth (.01) of a penny! There are other sites out there that will enter you into a contest or drawing once you complete a certain amount of surveys, but who has ever actually been chosen to win the prize from these websites?!

Finding the HIGHEST Paying Real Cash Sites

Many survey companies are done through other websites that will pay you to complete their surveys. Typically they offer anywhere between .50 and $5 for completing one survey. These surveys companies often will use focus groups after the survey for you to continue and pay even more than the regular surveys do. These survey companies also employ people to conduct mystery shopping expeditions, where you shop at a specific place doing a series of specific tasks and then recording your experience online.

How to Get Paid for Real Cash Surveys

One of the biggest reasons many people are skeptical of completing online surveys for real cash is that there are many websites out there that do not pay or force you to pay a fee so you can get a percentage of what you earned. Things to look for when you are looking for a website to earn Real Cash completing online surveys are:

  1. Choose a company that has been in business for several years.
  2. Look for a company that is registered with the BBB.
  3. Choose a website, like FusionCash, that works with the survey companies directly.
  4. If you want to get paid in Real Cash, then make sure your website offers Real Cash as a payment option.
  5. Complete the surveys honestly and be persistent and determined about your goals.